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Major Calligraphy Bodies

The Society for Italic Handwriting

Nick is Secretary of the Society for Italic Handwriting (SIH), a registered charity. It was founded in 1952 by Alfred Fairbank, a most notable British calligrapher, and Joseph Compton, a Director of Education in London. Its aim is to spread the practice of the Italic script. It achieves this by holding meetings and workshops and publishes a quarterly magazine called Writing Matters (edited by Nick), which gives up to date information on pens, paper, writing equipment and other matters relating to the study and practice of this beautiful hand.

Writing Matters
Writing Matters (Click to Enlarge)

A handwriting competition, which concentrates on the improvement a person makes with their handwriting, is held annually.

Italic handwriting is a simple, modern and elegant way to write. It is simple enough to be taught to children and modern enough for the needs of today. It can be written at speed without losing its legibility.

The sort of pen recommended for italic handwriting is one with a straight edge. Such a pen makes thicks, thins and gradations without recourse to varying pressures and runs quite easily. Pens are available for the left-hander, which equally give the true quality of italic handwriting.

Membership is open to anyone who has an interest in good handwriting – an interest for one’s own self improvement in handwriting, for teachers, for children and for those who enjoy the historical aspects of writing and calligraphy.

An instructional book, A Simple Guide to Italic Handwriting by Nancy Winters is available from the Society at GBP6.50 including p&p. Member's price GBP5 including p&p.
Subscription rates are:
Adults GBP15 or $25
Juniors (under 18) GBP6 or $12
Corporate Educational GBP20 or $40

Details about joining are available from Nick.

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